We open our arms for new clients!

When you HAVE SPURT, you USE it. That is how WE think about SPURT and… Zimbabwe is proving that this is true! There are public markets where people buy and sell using SPURT. Peru is another example, where the first supermarket will start this week! Great Job guys!!
Why can’t YOU do that so easily? Perhaps the Marketplace is not yet developed enough, that is true, but what Zimbabweans do EACH Church can do. Each Union can do. Each Club can do. Your members can work with each other and USE SPURT.
100.000 New clients We decided to go for 100.000 new clients till the end of this year. Each and every one  of them can have a SPU+ Crypto currency account! Then people will KNOW us, and exchangers will jump on it wanting to exchange! In finding new clients, you bring your exchange closer to you! The market needs to KNOW us! Who are better ambassadors than the people using Crypto currency themselves?
What do WE do to get the numbers we are looking for?

If you are part of a Church, a Club, a vol…

How can you pay for opening an account and the SPU+ routes?

Thank you all for your patience!!  We now have a temporarily solution for the payment problems.

There are several options.. Please choose the right solution for your country.
Be aware that ALL payments to these platforms are ONLY for the the initial deposit of 50 Euro and the Train Option for the SPU+ (100 Euro).  For the USA: Payments for initial deposit and the Train Route use this platform: 
You can use the email address:

Initial deposit 60 USD (50 Euro)
Train Route 120 USD (100 Euro) I offer a Job 120 USD (100 Euro)
For the USA for the Car Hotel Route
you can wire 1250 USD (1000 Euro) to: info will follow shortly.
All other options still need a wire transfer to our SWISS bank account. For EUROPE, please transfer all payments to the SWISS bank.All other options still need a wire transfer to our SWISS bank account.…

Newsletter 2018-01-17

“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask for once I know the proper question,
I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.”Albert Einstein We believe that we should start thinking about our future with SPURT. Your future with SPURT and our future with our clients. But how do we start? Do you remember that at school you were taught to always ask yourself six questions in any situation? Now these are the questions we must ask ourselves as we prepare for what is coming, soon. We all know that we can have all answers for the problems we might face, when we ask good questions. WHAT? HOW? WHY? WHO? WHERE? AND WHEN? The what was based on our behavior. What would we do if…? What can we change? What is our life vision?
How is based on our capacity and our habits. It follows the what. For when I do not know WHAT I might want to change, I don’t need to ask myself HOW I should chang…

Looking for professional Website builders

Hi my friends
We are looking for a professional Website builder. We can take anyone we know, but we prefer to work with one of our clients.
Please contact us!

New Opportunities for Cryptocurrency SPURT+

Yes, we listened to you! :) Dear Friends, We are very grateful for your trust in us and for the clients who decided to accept SPURT+ Cryptocurrency for their SPURT.
We are especially grateful for the clients who showed their trust in us, by buying the Private Jet Ticket! Although we are just as grateful for all the many clients who bought the Train ticket. Don't you know where we are referring to? Please see this blog about the different ways you can come to your goal, to have Cryptocurrency SPURT+
We listened to you, because we honor your request for an in-between travel possibility. Many clients ask us to offer the option to travel by car and have an hotel to stay over :).
This offer has the following option: You can receive 100,000 SPURT+ on your Cryptocurrency account, if you request a transfer 200,000 SPURT to receive 100,000 SPURT+ in your account, which we then shall book in your Cryptocurrency account, after you paid a fee of € 1000,- We truly hope that we satisfy clien…

Step by step instructions

Instructions Because the information steps are spread across several blogs, we created an overview on how to work with this ONE TIME offer to get SPU+ cryptocurrency for your SPURT.
Please go to Under SPU+ you will see several new links. One of them is Step by Step instructions.

Thank all of you who show your trust in us and appreciate what we have done over the years to come this far.

Cryptocurrency SPURT+

2018-02-06 Newsletter for those who want to participate in the Cryptocurrency route, and those, curious enough to read this.
Are you excited? We sure are!
We thank all clients who joined us on the route to get SPURT+ as Cryptocurrency in their Wallet. We are happy for you, but also thank you for the support and trust you give us for time it takes to solve the legal issues. Do not think that you will have the currency of choice within a month or two. That is most of the time not possible to say, for it is not in our control totally. Here is the link to the FIRST step you can do yourself, or wait for assistance.
We envision to have enough funds soon to complete the process soon.
Your support is greatly appreciated.

But we want to make clear. Nobody NEEDS to take this route, and even later you can still do it. The Rules of the game might change a bit because early birds catches the worm, but this is for sure not a one-time possibility. On the contrary, we start this to be there forever a…