More information on Donation and Loans

Dutch We are excited! Please see below how you now can: Donate clients with an insufficient balance to subscribe new clients.You can Donate, provide a LOAN, to clients with an insufficient balance to start a project, business or save their homes from foreclosure or situations like that.You can request to be supported to subscribe new clients.You can request funding for a project, business. We will provide information on how to do that, as soon as we know if there are clients willing to support you. You will need to provide clear information and you will need to be specific. You can prepare already. Since two days ago, after we send the Newsletter 2018-06-29, we received already high amounts to fund the pot to help get people started! You want to subscribe new members Imagine, you want to be a MySPURT client and live in a highly developed country, (others have other options) and want to refer many new clients to MySPURT. Until now you could not do that, unless you were happy enough to h…

June 29, 2018 MySPURT Newsletter


MySPURT Newsletter June 29th, 2018 Yes, we know you are waiting for information already a long time! We are aware that it is hard to wait until we provide that information, but we are waiting ourselves on the final steps. Therefore, we decided to write to you anyways.
It is important that we take each step on the way to Crypto SPURT+ correct. When we hurry, we will regret it soon!
But we are close, really close! Lawyers check each step we take. We are very grateful for the HUGE support we get from the guys investing so much time and money for the good of all of us!

Let us give them the time they need!

We know we say it will be soon already for months, and that is the reason we hesitated to write to you.  This is challenging for all, also for US! But we NEED to stay focused.
But, we can use our time to get others on board!
The more clients, the more power we will have.
Many of you are subscribing new clients already and there is a challenge.
We get requests from new clients who ha…

June 29, 2018 Newsletter for new clients

Dutch Hello and Welcome to your first MySPURT Newsletter! Thank you for joining us at this exciting time, where we will start to FLY HIGH!
We intended to write much earlier, but we were waiting on news on the Cryptocurrency SPURT+. Today that news is not there yet, but we decided not to wait any longer and leave you in the dark.
Some people might wonder why it takes so long. Well, it takes so long because it is a LOT of work!
There needs to be all kind of approval for each letter on each document from several lawyers, for we want to do it correct! We are sure you agree!
But they assured us that all is looking fine and that most of the work is completed, so we hope to write to you soon another Newsletter. 😊
Why do we write to you today, and don’t wait until the green light is on? We had several questions from our new clients concerning the 500 SPU we ask you to pay when you bring new clients. Many of the new clients don’t have those SPURT. They cannot move on, other than pay 500 EURO …

2018-04-26 Newsletter MySPURT

There are three good reasons to read this Newsletter to the end. In Zimbabwe people did what no one else did, although a part of Peru is active. They have a big community where clients get paid for their work in SPURT and can USE their SPURT until now in one shop, to buy groceries and do business between each other. Several others signed the contract to accept SPURT too. They are connecting to the government and get support from City Councils. They made SPURT what it IS, a Community Coin.To start using SPURT in your own community NOW, in your Church, in your Club etc. you can from now on open MySPURT accounts and pay for them with SPURT!We are SO close to the solution you are all waiting for, that we thought we wait with this newsletter until then, but then you would have missed the chance to get your own community going NOW. Our deepest gratitude! We are very grateful to all people working in the background very hard, with their heart on the right place, and we are also grateful to th…

How can you pay for opening an account and the SPU+ routes?


For all countries, exept the USA and Canada you can pay directly to the Bank of New Chances in Switzerland.
If you do it correct, it will not cost you more than a transfer to any other European country.

You use a SEPA transfer.
Please take care. you need to provide this information:
SWIFT Code /BicIBANTransfer only in EURONO extra information added for your bank.Put fee on: Shared Fees (Shared, SHA) (which it is normally) So from now on you can transfer directly to New Chances.

Are you not sure if your country is included in SEPA, please check this link.
BANK NAME:Credit SuisseACCOUNT NAME:New ChancesIBAN Code (= Euro account)CH03 0483 5097 4576 5200 0SWIFT CODE:CRESCHZZ70ABANK OFFICER NAME:Dominique KassoldBANK ADDRESS:Zürich, SwitzerlandTEL:+41313586415
USA and Canada

Newsletter 2018-01-17

“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask for once I know the proper question,
I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.”Albert Einstein We believe that we should start thinking about our future with SPURT. Your future with SPURT and our future with our clients. But how do we start? Do you remember that at school you were taught to always ask yourself six questions in any situation? Now these are the questions we must ask ourselves as we prepare for what is coming, soon. We all know that we can have all answers for the problems we might face, when we ask good questions. WHAT? HOW? WHY? WHO? WHERE? AND WHEN? The what was based on our behavior. What would we do if…? What can we change? What is our life vision?
How is based on our capacity and our habits. It follows the what. For when I do not know WHAT I might want to change, I don’t need to ask myself HOW I should chang…