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Newsletter November 19, 2018

Dear MySPURT clients
This newsletter is an important step in the direction we will go. The direction is protecting your values and our values. The direction is: Exchange!
This is where many of you are waiting for! Not all, we know. We know that many are already working with their SPURT, but others are waiting for exchange.
SPURT and the issuers of SPURT need protection. Several clients are taking inappropriate actions endangering all clients and SPURT doing so. For that reason, the Terms and Conditions are changed as of November 19, 2018are changed. We will need till the end of the year to change the accounts according to the new rules. That is why we start now.
To secure your wealth, MySPURT has set up the Private Facility called MegaSPURT. (It will function like Private Banking with your normal bank. All balances above a certain amount, in a normal Bank, are placed in Private Banking.) Balances with an amount over 2 Million will be placed in MegaSPURT. Balan…

Newsletter September 19, 2018

We are very happy that lately, so many clients subscribed to SPURT. SPURT is a great way to make your life better.
Did you notice that we now have extra security on the banking system as well as on the website?Cryptocurrency around the corner.The options to buy SPURT+ Crypto we presented the last months are now gone. We will present new options soon.
We ask ALL clients to set up a Metamask account NOW, to be prepared for Cryptocurrency.
We will announce the next steps. For now, the Metamask account, the Agreement, and the Membership from Sound Prosperity are what you need to prepare.
There is a link to how to set up a Metamask account on under Information.This is the time to interest new clients that ate interested in setting up projects and businesses.Remember, Sound Prosperity and SPURT are about BUSINESS!Balances of Zero to 50 SPURTAll clients with a Zero or 50 SPURT balance account, do not have to open a Metamask account.
If you have no balance at all, it will not help …

Benefiting from the funds created to support the new MySPURT clients

The MAIN goal of Sound Prosperity, in combination with SPURT, is to make life for all people better. For that purpose, the communities need to be stronger! We are in the world to support each other, isn’t it? Support each other means, that you can expect to be supported one day too, when you need help yourself. The good thing is that when you give, you receive!
We want all people to:
Be debt freeHave a houseHave a livingBe able to live healthilyBe able to be educated Because we would want to have that for ourselves, we will start giving it to all of you.
We start by giving you the chance to earn 2500 SPU+Crypto.
With the help of SPURT clients, Sound Prosperity created TWO funds to support new MySPURT clients who are willing to give too!
Starter Fund The Starter Fund offers the option to start finding new MySPURT clients in your community who would have the same vision as we have. The community should grow from this initiative. See how you could support your community.
This fund is on…

How NEW clients can start

Rev. 2018-09-09 SPURT is the purse to set up businesses! It is meant to be used to do commerce and grow your business. SPURT can be used like an intern Barter system.
SPURT is NOT there to just give you SPURT+Crypto, and by that Euro or the currency of your choice in exchange of the SPURT you just received. If you do that, we miss all the chances IN the SPURT system itself. You need to understand that SPURT is there to support your community to prosper! Your community can be your church, your city, your club, your NGO etc.
If you can start paying your suppliers with SPURT as a barter system, your life is better.
Sound Prosperity is the social part of SPURT. Sound Prosperity wants all of you to have a house, a car, health-care (SELF-care) and education. We want no one to have debt. THAT is the reason for you to have a SPURT account. You will NOT profit when you THINK: the ONLY important thing is to get Crypto. Why not?
Because when SPURT is staying in the system you can much easier use …

Do you want to know more about Cryptocurrency?

We found some very interesting information on what Cryptocurrency is.  Do you want to know more about what your SPURTCrypto is?

Another interesting link is in writing a starter guide.

More information on Donation and Loans

Dutch We are excited! Please see below how you now can: Donate clients with an insufficient balance to subscribe new clients.You can Donate, provide a LOAN, to clients with an insufficient balance to start a project, business or save their homes from foreclosure or situations like that.You can request to be supported to subscribe new clients.You can request funding for a project, business. We will provide information on how to do that, as soon as we know if there are clients willing to support you. You will need to provide clear information and you will need to be specific. You can prepare already. Since two days ago, after we send the Newsletter 2018-06-29, we received already high amounts to fund the pot to help get people started! You want to subscribe new members Imagine, you want to be a MySPURT client and live in a highly developed country, (others have other options) and want to refer many new clients to MySPURT. Until now you could not do that, unless you were happy enough to h…

June 29, 2018 MySPURT Newsletter


MySPURT Newsletter June 29th, 2018 Yes, we know you are waiting for information already a long time! We are aware that it is hard to wait until we provide that information, but we are waiting ourselves on the final steps. Therefore, we decided to write to you anyways.
It is important that we take each step on the way to Crypto SPURT+ correct. When we hurry, we will regret it soon!
But we are close, really close! Lawyers check each step we take. We are very grateful for the HUGE support we get from the guys investing so much time and money for the good of all of us!

Let us give them the time they need!

We know we say it will be soon already for months, and that is the reason we hesitated to write to you.  This is challenging for all, also for US! But we NEED to stay focused.
But, we can use our time to get others on board!
The more clients, the more power we will have.
Many of you are subscribing new clients already and there is a challenge.
We get requests from new clients who ha…