THAT is our Moonshot for 2021  Abundance for All This is, in fact, our dream for many years and we ask ourselves: WHY is this , even working with SPURT , not yet happening ? We  were listening to Naveen Jain, who wrote MOONSHOT. See a very inspiring video .  He explains that the most significant problems are solved by people outside the business. People who ask completely different questions. People who are open to all and any solution.  In his own companies, Moon Express (making living on other planets possible) and VIOME (making chronical diseases optional) he is not the expert. He is teaching us to not ask experts. He starts any problem with the question WHAT IF, and IMAGINE. We think he is right. Almost all people we speak about SPURT are only talking about an exchange. You and me, lay-people, are addicted to the idea that USD, etc., is the only value in the world. If we ask anyone how we can provide Abundance to All, the answer is ALWAYS: by exchange. Do we realize t

Five Years of SPURT. We need to follow our vision

Today I read: I do not perceive my own best interest. That is true in many cases in our lives. But the sad thing is that we think we know our best interest. We think that disagreeing with another person is helping us. We think that being a bully is making ourselves greater. We THINK that looking down on a person with another color is “normal” or even good. If you read books like: “ Touching the Jaguar ”, from John Perkins, a must-read book, you realize that we are now reaping what we were sawing over the centuries. Great countries are not great anymore, because their country is divided. On purpose. Families are divided, friends are lost. Covid19 is the expression of the virus we have in our minds: ME first, I don’t care if you live or die. Covid19 is felt the most by poor people. We cannot live in a you-OR-me world. We can only breath and love in a you-AND-me world. The you-OR-me world is a sad place, but there is hope! Out of this all arose the call that we have a CHOICE!

Five Years of SPURT!

Today we celebrate five years of SPURT. This us a good day to emphasize our vision once more: SPURT is created for the purpose of providing benevolence for all of humanity. SPURT can only be used for business ventures that enhance and enrich mankind and SPURT users will not waste the riches of the earth to the detriment of mankind.   Our vision is to provide people with money that is not subject to inflation or devaluation; money that reflects the real value of what the people put in – businesses, jobs, ideas, services, etc. SPURT was created to make it easier, for all, to do business and be in the flow of life and creation, innovation – our future. Our vision is to inspire Your Vision, so that together we can build a real and honest marketplace, by the people for the people, locally and globally. We are creating this in mutual benefit, together, as the diversified communities of users both locally and globally. Ultimately we envision a global true alternative, an equitable and

Can we change our ideas about money?

Greetings to all MySPURT clients. Yes, it was quiet from our side for a while. It was quiet, all over the world too, due to many of us staying at home. And then we published this newsletter on the Zimbabwe blog, instead ot on this blog, for which we apologize. Since SPURT is online, we all know that we are still active. All of you can still use your accounts.    That is not depending on us writing a newsletter. They often say, “the calm before the storm,” well, that was for sure the case. The storm is broken out all over the world, just as it was calm all over the world—the storm of inequality, inequality EVEN in connection to the cause of the calm. The difference between rich and poor is even more significant as it was already and is shown in healthcare for the victims too.  Will we awake this time? Can we see this as a chance to GROW? As a chance to allow others ALSO to be respected and honored? To have a better life, also economically? SPURT CAN be one of the solutions. I learned th

Love is letting go of fear*

The biggest virus many of us now feel in our body is fear. Fear is the best method to undermine your immune system and get a dis-ease. We were asked several times to write a newsletter in connection to the Corona Virus. We do not see a connection, besides that we all might be even more interested in the possibility to USE SPURT for our health. For many of us SPURT is in our minds only valuable in an exchanged form. As we started our journey towards a better life, more money, we did not realize that we indeed received abundance, but that the form in which we became it is not what we expected. That is because we are never satisfied with what we have. We might be wealthy and do not see it. It is like we are locked down. I see a parallel there with the Corona virus. We are healthy, most of us, but we fear the virus. It is paralyzing us. It is literally locking us down, at least where I live. The good thing is, that we have more time to care for ourselves and our minds

Rethinking Money, Rethinking SPURT

In his book, Rethinking Money, New currencies turn scarcity into prosperity,   by Bernard Lietaer and Jacqui Dunne, the authors are showing that there are more than 4000 Complementary currencies in the world, that is, those he knows. They are showing that cities in Brazil, Belgium, the USA, to name a few, using several complementary currencies, for example, in Denver, are of immense help for the community. You see it also with the Timebank, with hundreds of Timebanks all over the world. The fact that a currency is staying in the community, instead of leaving the community to big cities or online buying, is the main value. The circulation of the currency is making the value of the currency for the community. This book is a must-read for all who want to use SPURT to make their community a better place, perhaps even combined with the SPURT-Timebank . Why are we coming back to the USE of SPURT, instead of just cashing out? Because the USE of SPURT gives the value to SPURT, even in th

Faith and SPURT

Revised 2019-11-25 In his book, Rethinking Money: How New Currencies Turn Scarcity into Prosperity , Bernard Lietaer is showing the value of Complementary Money. There are, he writes, more than 4000 Currencies, locally used, to boost communities. It is a valuable book to understand what also SPURT can mean for your community, especially when you use it in combination with the Timebank . We know that most of our clients in the Western World are interested in only one thing, and that is exchange into their own fiat currency. For that to happen, we need to work with others, like people who can connect us to the blockchain system. As we told in the last Newsletter, we are connecting to those people. Yes, it takes much longer as we hoped. Perhaps all comes down to FAITH. Can they believe that we will do all we can to support them? Do we have faith that they keep their promises? Do we have faith in other parties working hard to get exchange possibilities, for you know we are not only dep