Rethinking Money, Rethinking SPURT

In his book, Rethinking Money, New currencies turn scarcity into prosperity,  by Bernard Lietaer and Jacqui Dunne, the authors are showing that there are more than 4000 Complementary currencies in the world, that is, those he knows. They are showing that cities in Brazil, Belgium, the USA, to name a few, using several complementary currencies, for example, in Denver, are of immense help for the community. You see it also with the Timebank, with hundreds of Timebanks all over the world.
The fact that a currency is staying in the community, instead of leaving the community to big cities or online buying, is the main value. The circulation of the currency is making the value of the currency for the community.
This book is a must-read for all who want to use SPURT to make their community a better place, perhaps even combined with the SPURT-Timebank.
Why are we coming back to the USE of SPURT, instead of just cashing out? Because the USE of SPURT gives the value to SPURT, even in the Cryp…

Faith and SPURT

In his book, Rethinking Money: How New Currencies Turn Scarcity into Prosperity, Bernard Lietaer is showing the value of Complementary Money. There are, he writes, more than 4000 Currencies, locally used, to boost communities. It is a valuable book to understand what also SPURT can mean for your community, especially when you use it in combination with the Timebank.

We know that most of our clients in the Western World are interested in only one thing, and that is exchange into their own fiat currency. For that to happen, we need to work with others, like people who can connect us to the blockchain system. As we told in the last Newsletter, we are connecting to those people. Yes, it takes much longer as we hoped.
Perhaps all comes down to FAITH. Can they believe that we will do all we can to support them? Do we have faith that they keep their promises? Do we have faith in other parties working hard to get exchange possibilities, for you know we are not only depending on Cryptocurrenci…

What can you expect from SPURTCrypto (SPU)?

We are connecting to a bank, which is connected to Regal Holdings.   This bank will open an account for you in this bank, which will provide debit cards too. The name of the bank will be published at a later time when we are starting the migration of all SPURTCrypto. The bank is located in the UK, but the people we work with are living in the USA. We are giving all we can to prepare it well and soon, but things like that take time.
KYC There is a need for verification, as we all know, that EVERY bank needs if you want an account or any exchange. This verification will be done by your ID, that you should add already in your SPURT account, together with your date of birth.  Your ID is your identification number. That can be your Passport, your ID or your Driver’s License. At this moment we have people who just ad some number. If that is the way you think you can get crypto, you are wrong. GOOD, verifiable information in your SPURT account already is of great help to get you connected …

Not closing accounts at this moment

Due to the massive work to get the connection to our Cryptocurrency SPURT (SPU, NOT SPUC), we decided to postpone closing of accounts.
The blogs regarding closing will be removed.

Connection to Crypto. Requirements

Rev. 2019-09-18 In case you see this blog, because you subscribed to the blog,
please forward this email to all your referrees and invite them to subscribe to the blog.

Since the party we connect to for SPU Crypto is a bank, we want to do all perfectly according to all laws. For that reason, a KYC is required. (Know Your Customer).
You need to adjust your PERSONAL INFORMATION.

Personal information
All people please check your email for the bank will connect to you through email. (If you have more than one account, see below).
Go to your account. Personal.
Check your email address. Add your Identification number.
When not yet added, add Sponsor Name, Sponsor account #, and Sponsor email.
If you do not have that information AND do not have any contact with your Sponsor anymore, you can add.
No Sponsor known? Use account 1242750.
But, be aware that we still want to know who your Sponsor is, at least the name.
Go to Addresses.
In NAME, fill in your nam…

Asia, here we come!

We are proud to announce that we contracted our first KAM, Key Account Manager for

Korea and Japan.
We ask all our clients in those countries to contact us, so we can connect you to Mr. Joe Ahn, who is fluent in Korean and Japanese.
He will provide support in your language and assist you with transfers and business.
You can also contact him directly through KAM-Korea @ myspurt. org (minus empty spaces) or, when you are from Japan KAM-Japan @ myspurt. org

We hope that we can support all of you better this way!
MySPURT team
PS. All clients from other countries, DON'T CONTACT this KAM. He is NOT accountable for you.

Good News and our progress

GOOD news for Missisipi! A community in Missisipi starts to accept SPURT as their currency and is developping Housing, Manifacturing, Farming and many other good things for the people there. What an initiative and what an example of what you can do with SPURT! Congratulations! We will inform on the developments over there.
Good news for SPURT! We reached 60.000 clients!!
This caused that we are now checking on the possibility to connect SPURTdirectly to SPURTCrypto (SPU). It is exciting and also a big challenge!

BE AWARE. There is a SPURT CRYPTO "SPUC" out there. It is NOT connected to
We need your help! Please tell all your friends and acquaintances, to subscribe to the blog for this is the way we communicate with you.
We have to close all accounts not used over at least one year, some with no balance at all or a very low balance. See detailed information below. We will transfer the balance to our SPURT INTERNATIONALNATURAL D…