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SPURT in Ethereum

We understand that lately all seems to be a bit mixed up. There are several reasons for that. The MAIN reason is that there are people using the NAME SPURT, but do not OWN SPURT.
There are several people, using the name SPURT or any connection to that, in Ethereum. We want to make clear that the ONLY name in Ethereum, connected to MySPURT is SPURT. All other names are not in our control, and therefore not working in our interest.

Any client who received from our Admin any Crypto connected to the name SPURT, will be able to get SPURT, the only Ethereum connected token as soon as we are ready to spread SPURT. We need to make a clear cut and apologize for any inconvenience.
Why don't we provide SPURT yet? The past told us that there are many people who want to use our good name for their own purposes. That weakens the value of SPURT. We do not want this same thing to happen with our SPURT in Ethereum.

We had several people offering us all help and offering only good, and we learned t…

Rethinking Money, Rethinking SPURT

In his book, Rethinking Money, New currencies turn scarcity into prosperity,  by Bernard Lietaer and Jacqui Dunne, the authors are showing that there are more than 4000 Complementary currencies in the world, that is, those he knows. They are showing that cities in Brazil, Belgium, the USA, to name a few, using several complementary currencies, for example, in Denver, are of immense help for the community. You see it also with the Timebank, with hundreds of Timebanks all over the world.
The fact that a currency is staying in the community, instead of leaving the community to big cities or online buying, is the main value. The circulation of the currency is making the value of the currency for the community.
This book is a must-read for all who want to use SPURT to make their community a better place, perhaps even combined with the SPURT-Timebank.
Why are we coming back to the USE of SPURT, instead of just cashing out? Because the USE of SPURT gives the value to SPURT, even in the Cryp…