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Not closing accounts at this moment

Due to the massive work to get the connection to our Cryptocurrency SPURT , we decided to postpone closing of accounts. Please be aware that ONLY SPURT in Ethereum is connected to MySPURT. Other names connected to the name SPURT are not connected.
The blogs regarding closing will be removed.

Asia, here we come!

We are proud to announce that we contracted our first KAM, Key Account Manager for

Korea and Japan.
We ask all our clients in those countries to contact us, so we can connect you to Mr. Joe Ahn, who is fluent in Korean and Japanese.
He will provide support in your language and assist you with transfers and business.
You can also contact him directly through KAM-Korea @ myspurt. org (minus empty spaces) or, when you are from Japan KAM-Japan @ myspurt. org

We hope that we can support all of you better this way!
MySPURT team
PS. All clients from other countries, DON'T CONTACT this KAM. He is NOT accountable for you.

Good News and our progress

GOOD news for Missisipi! A community in Missisipi starts to accept SPURT as their currency and is developping Housing, Manifacturing, Farming and many other good things for the people there. What an initiative and what an example of what you can do with SPURT! Congratulations! We will inform on the developments over there.
Good news for SPURT! We reached 60.000 clients!!
This caused that we are now checking on the possibility to connect SPURTdirectly to SPURTCrypto (SPU). It is exciting and also a big challenge!

BE AWARE. There is a SPURT CRYPTO "SPUC" out there. It is NOT connected to
We need your help! Please tell all your friends and acquaintances, to subscribe to the blog for this is the way we communicate with you.
We have to close all accounts not used over at least one year, some with no balance at all or a very low balance. See detailed information below. We will transfer the balance to our SPURT INTERNATIONALNATURAL D…