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MySPURT Newsletter. Assumptions.

Yes, we understand that you want to be informed about SPURT. We know that when you don’t get information you start to ASSUME all kinds of things.

One of the biggest assumptions, leading to big distortion, is that people assume that they paid a lot of money to get SPURT on their accounts. You might have paid OTHERS to get valuable papers, which are now represented in your account, but you did NOT pay SPURT, besides a small amount for opening an account. Please be aware of that!

You might assume that SPURT will never be exchangeable.
You might assume that we do not DO anything to get an exchange. Etc.
But are assumptions real? NO, most of our assumptions are not real. How is it that we assume to know answers although we don’t know them? One of the answers can be because you don’t have the correct information and that is true. You don’t have the information you might want to hear. In fact, there is only ONE information you want to hear, and that is exactly the problem. The ONE informat…