By far not all people requested SPURT

Do you remember what SPURT stands for?

  • Burst of growth
  • Burst of speed
  • synonyms are: Spring, Flow
Now it is not so that all our clients experience Spring at this moment in real life, but we planted the seed of SPURT in Ethereum now for many clients.
If you did not connect yet, please confirm your Ethereum Address (Metamask account address) by sending an email to info @ my Some people lost access to this account, and the SPURT sent to them is lost. Please CHECK if you have access to the provided address by logging in to Metamask and check your information. Is the address you see also the address you provided?

Do you still have your Seed Phrases? Did you save your Private Key, by going to Details and request your Private Key? Did you save all that information in and outside your computer? Did you make a hand-written notebook and store it outside your place?

Our seed is SPURT in Ethereum.

It will take time to let it grow and we need to water it until it is a big tree. How do we water it, by ALLOWING it in our mind to be valuable and to nurture it with positive “water.”
We cannot expect to harvest it already, as we just are planting it.

All clients with SPU+ can now request SPURT for their SPU+ 2x value, and for your patience 10% extra. Please transfer to 0x3d50E075AF09dAe2d62dAd9B26d6253B10F880dc and confirm per email that you transferred your SPU+.

Do you remember that we offered all NEW clients 500 SPURT on their Ethereum account? Please see the Friends Deal.

In the meantime, we are happy to see that SPURT in is getting more and more accepted! More and more serious business is done with it. We are grateful for the people who are consistently working on the validation of SPURT. Amazing people worth our blessings!
We will inform you about their progress, if appropriate.

We thank the ONE person that followed our call for support in the form of Ether. All this costs a lot of money. We allow you to still support us by sending Dollars in the form of Ether to 0x3d50E075AF09dAe2d62dAd9B26d6253B10F880dc  If you confirm it by email, we can thank you in writing.

Let’s see the good in all things, also in SPURT.

Kind Regards


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