Returning SPU+ is not REQUIRED yet

Many clients are confused about the returning SPU+ to the system. 

We decided that it is not REQUIRED to do that at this moment, but it is helping us to create value.

You can also wait until SPURT has value, which we will need to create all together, and we will explain in other Newsletters.

Clients are also not used to work with Metamask, and several lost all their information. For that reason, please, all take the time to secure your funds.

Good information on safety! IMPORTANT

In the meantime, those who want to proceed, please see if you can find SPU+ in your Metamask account. In some cases, it seems to have disappeared. They CANNOT disappear!
Go to ADD TOKEN, Custom Token. Add the contract address of SPU+ which is


Name SPU+ and decimals 18, then confirm. 
When you see the SPU+, you click on it and go to SEND.
You send the funds, MAX, to the account address


which is the ONLY account address you can to return the funds too, then please click on max, so you transfer all the SPU+ you have.
Please realize that we have to find your transfer and act correctly. Then we will transfer the amount in SPURT in portions, to create transactions. The more transactions there are, the better for the value. This means that also transactions to other clients make value, once you have SPURT.
Please also realize that we ONLY work with SPURT and not with any of the other names we might have used before. We had to take this step to make sure we are in control. We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion.
The transaction to your Metamask account in SPURT might not only come from the 0x3d50 account, as above, because we will use different addresses to show real transactions.

You can also add already SPURT, although there is no amount yet. The Contract address there is 


Name SPURT and Decimals 18.

To make it easier for us, please fill in the form below. PLEASE ALLOW US TIME TO DO THE TRANSFERS. ONLY THE CHECKING TO SEE IF MONEY IS RETURNED IS NOT EASY IN ETHEREUM. THIS IS ALL MANUAL WORK! The below form might help us track. Even if you already returned, please use this form.


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