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Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Now Christmas time is coming and as we face the New Year, let us think about Abundance. For a long time, I was “chasing” Abundance for people who are experiencing scarcity. I thought that when people would have funds, then they would feel abundant.

Life is all about abundance, so why do we not experience it?

Now I finally understood that Abundance is not all about money. It is in fact so that most of the people with abundant money, experience lack, for you want more, even if the only goal is to give more to others.
When I was connecting to Abundance for all people, we all received abundance in the form of SPURT, but we are still not happy. We want something else! We always want more, something else.
The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts. Marianne Williamson.
The KEY to abundance is to meet our SPURT with NEW unlimited thoughts about the use, as shown in the book “Rethinking Money” in the last Newsletter. And it is exactly what the Zimbabweans …