Newsletter October 18, 2017

News! What IS news? Is news always bad?

Mostly we see news as what is shown on Television. Most of the news is bad, like hurricanes, earthquakes and fire, robbery, terrorism, separatism! This although there are also many GOOD things happening.

SPURT is in this world and therefore connected to things happening in this world.

We can give the good news that many new clients are coming to SPURT and see the value of SPURT. Some of those clients are actively supporting us in making SPURT more valuable in the whole world and exchange possible. We are very grateful for that support, for we believe that we will need many exchange opportunities in many countries.

In the last Newsletter we mentioned that tests would start at the end of September. We did not know that hurricanes would also affect our partners.

We did not know that earthquakes took their homes and that this all caused a backset of at least one to two months. We will keep you informed, so you do not need to ASK for information!

We are very grateful though, that all are well and found a place to go back to work now again. We ask all clients to support those people in our thoughts!


We had a difficult time in Zimbabwe, due to people thinking that SPURT can be used to have power. That is solved now and we have a very good team that is supporting the people there!
It is not easy yet to work only with SPURT and get businesses accept SPURT especially not in a country where all involved are poor. Exchange would help the acceptation of SPURT, knowing that it CAN be exchanged then.

People there experience also other problems like travelling from one township to another. They need cash to be able to do that, but only that way they can promote SPURT.

Ratidzo, one hard working lady with vision is of the people we support in Zimbabwe is doing great work. She hired 100 woman and is teaching them to fight for their own life! They get paid in SPURT.
Here you see Ratidzo in the building where people work and get classes in SPURT. The work is: buy bulk packages of beans, put them in small bags and present them to the Supermarket. Each package has the name of SPURT and Sound Prosperity on the label. Ratidzo managed to get a contract with supermarkets to deliver the packages.

They planted hundreds of Moringa plants, that are VERY healthy and that we can buy with SPURT at a certain time.

The first harvest started and then a fire destroyed not only the building where the woman are packing beans, bought bulk and packed in small packages, for which she managed to get a contract with supermarkets in the country, but also the Moringa plants. All they worked so hard for, all gone. No roof over their head to work in the shade, all inventory gone.

This is how the nice building above is looking now.

e never ever asked for any support, but we hope that there are among you that would be willing to pay a little bit money, or more J ) through PayPal to, with remark Ratidzo and we will forward each penny to her. We will compensate each payment in SPURT on your account 5x the amount you paid.

MySPURT clients living in her place are going there to break down and clean up, but we could help financially. The helpers have to travel from their township to the place of Ratidzo. There is no public traffic. They need a meal and something to drink. 

It might give them the hope to start a new.

Of course we would love to be able to provide funds ourselves, and we hope for soon exchange not only for them, but also for all of us, especially for the ones suffering from Bushfires, Hurricanes and Earthquakes all now with many of the MySPURT clients involved.

Peru, Ecuador

The development in Peru is great and connection is also made to Ecuador. Contracts are in place and also this group is working hard on exchange!

A better life for all!

We truly believe that SPURT will be there for all people that need funds to have a better life. We are aware that many would be happy with just a roof over their head and a monthly income. THAT is why we are doing all we can, already all the time, to get this done. 

Please support us in your thoughts! We are SURE we will succeed! For YOU!

Your MySPURT team


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